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Campus Network Upgrade

IT Services has been delivering a large-scale project (Network 2020) to replace and upgrade the campus wired network. This is a significant investment in our IT infrastructure to ensure the University can provide the best experience to all users. Typical benefits include:

  • Access to a superfast internet connection for students by plugging in to the network in Halls, supporting both online teaching and course delivery
  • A seamless internal network connection for staff, enabling secure access to key University services such as Agresso, iTrent and Learn.

The new network is more efficient, resilient and continues to provide the highest level of security available. The project is over halfway through having upgraded Halls of Residences and a substantial number of buildings in East Park.

To use the new network, you will need to plug your device into a local network connection in one of these areas.

Upgrades are in progress in Central Park with West Park and London to follow in late spring and summer, with the project expected to complete later this year.

Project Spotlight

“The team recently installed the new network into the Library to ensure students could access the enhanced service while studying for their exams. Substantial planning was undertaken by the team and supported by colleagues in the Library enabling the change to happen with the smallest amount of disruption possible.”

Key points

  • The project will run until late 2022 with phased implementations across Parks and locations
  • Every building that contains network and communications hardware will witness a small period of disruption when equipment is replaced 
  • Disruption may range from 10 minutes to 4 hours depending on the complexity of the IT hardware in the location 
  • The project will use several approaches to reduce the impact of this disruption such as working out of hours and working with local contacts to schedule changes for quieter periods where possible
  • Dedicated webpages have been created to provide information on these changes

The project team are available to engage with the relevant local contacts for upcoming deployments to review the implementation plan, assist with local readiness and discuss any local issues or queries. 

If you have further questions, please contact