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Network 2020 Project

Wired network upgrade

IT Services have launched a new project (Network 2020) to replace and upgrade the campus wired network. The upgraded solution will provide the University with many benefits; improved cyber security, faster user deployments, in addition to enhancing teaching and learning through a more reliable and efficient network capability.


Phase 1 & 2:

June 2021 - December 2021

January 2022 - April 2022

Phase 3:

Planned dateAcademic building / Professional Services  
TBC James France Building

May 2022 - August 2022
Phase 4:

Planned dateAcademic building / Professional Services  
14th June   Frank Gibb Labs
27th - 28th June  Revised Implementation: SDCA (Edward Barnsley, Arts)
27th June Burleigh Court 
28th June  Frank Gibb
30th June  John Pickford
6th July  Stewart Mason
19th - 21st July  Wolfson Building
28th July  Wolfson Annex
1st - 2nd August  West Park Teaching Hub
4th August  Wavy Top/GG Block
9th August Manzoni Building 
16th August EHB


Location Completed 
Graduate House  (Angela Marmont) Monday 26 October 
Netball/Badminton Centre Wednesday 28 October 
IT Services (Holywell) Thursday 29 October
Hall - Towers Monday 12 April
Holywell Park - Zones GA, GG, GJ Tuesday 13 April
Library - Floor 1 Wednesday 5 May
Library - Floor 2 Thursday 6 May
John Clements Friday 4 June
Tennis Centre Friday 4 June
Martin Hall Wednesday 9 June
John Beckwith Thursday 17 June
David Wallace  Friday 18 June
Imago Sales  Tuesday 22 June
Matthew Arnold Friday 2 July
Royce (Halls of residence)  Friday 9 July
Cayley (Halls of residence) Tuesday 13 July 
Rutherford (Halls of residence) Friday 16 July
Butler Court (Halls of residence) Wednesday 21 July
Falkner Eggington (Halls of residence) Friday 30 July
Telford  (Halls of residence) Friday 6 August 
David Collett  (Halls of residence) Friday 13 August
NCSEM / Loughborough Design School Friday 20 August
PEC / Gymnastics / John Cooper Friday 27 August 
Claudia Parsons  (Halls of residence) Friday 10 September
Holt  (Halls of residence) Friday 10 September
Clyde Williams Friday 10 September
Faraday Friday 17 September
Library - Floor 4  Monday 15 November
Pilkington Library (Level 3 & 3a) Tuesday 14 December
Car Park 7 Locations  Monday 20 December 
FM Buildings / Spinney Hill Toilets Thursday 27 January 
Hazlerigg Building  Friday 28 January 
ECB  Monday 31 January
HiPac / Seb Coe / Paula Radcliffe Athletics Pavilion Friday 4 February
Holywell Houses + Fairmount (Incl Whitehouse)  Tuesday 8 February
Bridgeman Building Thursday 10 February
Student Accommodation Centre - Campus Living Friday 11th February
FM / Geography Thursday 17th February
Admin One Building Monday 21st February 
SBE (Richard Morris) Wednesday 23rd February
Graham Dilley Friday 24th February
Schofield Building Thursday 3rd March
Rutland Building Tuesday 8th March 
LUFS / Martial Arts Tuesday 15th March
Medical Centre  Thursday 17th March 
Swimming Pool Friday 1st April
Haslegrave Building Thursday 7th April 
Brockington & Brockington Extension Tuesday 12th April
William Morris Refectory & Warden Lodge Thursday 14th April 
Holywell (GL Zone) Monday 9th May 
Haslegrave Cricket Pavilion Tuesday 10th May 
Holywell Fitness Centre Tuesday 24th May
Holywell Stadium Tuesday 31st May 
Keith Green Tuesday 7th June

Post upgrade guidance

Following the upgrade:

If you previously connected a personal laptop or computer to the wired network, you will be required register your device to connect to the new network.

  1. Connect the ethernet cable to your device
  2. Open a web browser and go to
  3. Follow prompts to complete registration

Please note that this does not apply to University owned devices on the staff managed desktop service. These are automatically configured to connect to the new network.

Common Issues

No Network Connection

This error may be present if you have not logged in to your device on the University network for a period of time. (This issue can be mitigated by ensuring you regularly log on to the network and keep your device up to date with the latest software and updates.)

You will need to contact IT Support for this issue to be resolved.

Receiving an "Onboarding" page when attempting to connect a device

In order to use the wired network you need to register your device MAC address. This page allows you to do this quickly so you can start using your device.


For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the project team

Should you have any specific requirements or require support for an issue please contact the Service Desk or your Local Park IT Support representative.

Frequently asked questions

What benefits will I get from this change?

The current network is coming to the end of its life and uses outdated hardware which is prone to failure. The new network will address this and provide a greater service and more efficient network connectivity.

Will I have access to the internet during the change?

If you are connected to the buildings wired or wireless network during the change there will be no access to the internet or other services.

I’m using remote desktop connection to access services – will I be affected?

If you are using remote desktop connection and remotely accessing your PC or a Lab PC in a building undergoing the network upgrade you will be affected by these changes.  After the network upgrade has been completed in an area the computers in that area will have new IP Addresses.  To ensure you connect to the correct IP Address use the hostname of your computer when connecting via RDP.  e.g.


Will I be able to access the office/building during the change?

Yes – work will be taking place in communications cabinets, these are typically located in storage areas.

I’m in halls, how will this affect me?

The changes in halls will run over a larger period of time however planning for halls considers key teaching periods and aims to avoid these where possible.

I have a Linux machine, how will I be impacted?

To connect your linux machine to the network you must either configure the wired network interface to authenticate using 802.1X or register the MAC Address. 


If you are using Ubuntu or Fedora visit and use tools to configure your device. 


For other distributions, you will need to visit and choose 'Other Operating Systems'.  From there you can download the Certificate Authority and Intermediate Certificate authority.  You can also download your identity certificate.  Once you have downloaded these three files consult the documentation for your distribution for configuring EAP-TLS 802.1X authentication.


If it is not possible to configure 802.1X on the wired interface, it is possible to register the MAC address to identify the machine.  Visit and choose the option:

I am a member of the University (staff or student) with a device that needs MAC address bypass configuring.

Can I test some hardware/devices before the change happens?

Yes – a test network is available for proactive testing, please contact the project team to discuss your requirements.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please speak to your local Park IT team or email or with any queries you have.

Important information

  • The project will run until 2022 with implementations and network changes commencing in October 2020 
  • Every building that contains network and communications hardware will witness a small period of disruption when equipment is replaced 
  • Disruption may range from 10 minutes to 4 hours depending on the complexity of the IT hardware in the location 
  • The project will use several approaches to reduce the impact of this disruption such as working out of hours and working with local contacts to schedule changes for quieter periods* 
  • Initial deployments will focus on low complexity locations to ensure teething issues are addressed with minimal impact and lessons can be implemented for later more challenging deployments
  • To help minimise the impact to staff when changes are made, the project team are engaging with colleagues across the University to ensure Schools and Departments have as much notice as possible and where pertinent can feed into the planning process.

*Not all buildings and locations will have flexibility due to the requirement to replace old and out of support hardware before their hardware contract ends.