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Don’t forget – it’s Better OFF this Easter

With utility prices rising rapidly, the University is consuming approximately £15,000 of electricity every weekday.

Over the Easter break, the University is aiming to reduce consumption by at least 5%, saving save more than £3,000 and over four tonnes of carbon over the five-day Easter break.

As part of the It’s Better Off campaign, the Sustainability team have provided some tips below on the ways you can reduce consumption within your office or building during this time:

  • Ensure your PC or laptop and monitor are switched off – equipment like USB hubs and docking stations should also be unplugged
  • Ensure windows are shut to keep buildings secure and maintain temperature
  • Unplug any phones or chargers
  • Turn off all the lights before leaving
  • Switch off all air con units, extractor fans and heaters
  • Switch off printers (except MFDs, which must remain on to prevent losing settings)
  • Turn off research equipment that does not need to be used over the break

Be sure to check what technical equipment can and can’t be switched off with a Technician or the user so as not to hinder any research.

The Facilities Management team will also be working behind the scenes to help minimise the mechanical plant running over the break.

For more information, please contact the Sustainability team at Further guidance is also available on the Sustainability webpages about how to reduce energy waste throughout the year.