It's Better Off

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It's Better OFF @ Christmas

Shut down

all non-essential equipment

Switch off

don't leave it on standby

Do your bit

Help the environment and save money

The significant increase in the cost of utilities combined with the new University Strategy and global carbon reduction targets to lessen the impact of climate change, there has never been a time it has been more important to really consider how we are using energy here at the University.  

Even when the university is closed there are still significant costs associated with keeping the campus ‘operational’.

Over the 2023 Christmas break the university used over almost 1 million kWh of electricity, which equates to £284,000, that’s the equivalent to the annual consumption of 318 average UK homes.

Our Facilities Management teams will be working hard to ensure that we can save as much energy as possible during this time by isolating the heating and ventilation services to buildings that will be unoccupied during the holiday period.

However, we can all do our bit to help reduce these energy costs by switching off unnecessary equipment and lighting over the Christmas period.

Before you leave the office for your Christmas break, be sure to: 

  • Shut down your PCs, and unplug any laptops, docking stations and phone chargers.
  • Switch off monitors (it’s worth checking your colleagues’ monitors and shared computer labs too!)
  • Turn off standalone printers and scanners (excluding MFDs – these must remain switched on to prevent them from losing their settings, but they are able to power down on their own)
  • Make sure no lights are left on (including Christmas lights!)
  • Switch off any heaters, air con units and extractor fans.
  • Turn off any research equipment that doesn’t need to stay on over the closure period.
  • Alter any timers on lights and equipment.
  • Close windows and blinds to maintain temperatures and increase security. 

Some of these tips may even prove to be a useful reminder for your home office too. Remember, DO NOT switch off any equipment that is in use for vital experiments, research or local fridges and freezers.