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Loughborough University Postdoctoral Researcher wins prestigious award for best Biometeorology paper

Dr Josh Foster was presented with the EMS Tromp Award at the 2021 International Society of Biometeorology conference for the most impactful paper in the discipline from the past year.

The award is given by the European Meteorological Society and the Solco W. Tromp Foundation.

His paper is part of Heatshield, under the lead of Professor George Havenith, Professor of Environmental Physiology and Ergonomics at Loughborough and Director of the Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre.

The paper focuses on the impact of heat and climate change on worker productivity and develops a model that allows predictions for worker productivity loss in a heating world.

These models are important for predictions of the economic impact of climate change and can help identify geographical regions where workers are most at risk.

Dr Foster said: “It is an honour to receive the 2021 Tromp award and it is very encouraging to see our work recognized by experts in the field of Biometeorology. While the award may be in my name, this project was a truly collaborative effort where each author, especially my colleagues in the Environmental Ergonomics Research Center, had a strong contribution to the work.”

Professor Havenith added: “In the context of global warming, understanding the impact of heat on the workers’ health and productivity is crucial. It is a great honour for the work of the Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre to be recognised with this award. It reflects the impact Dr Josh Foster’s paper has within the biometeorology community and beyond.”