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Wellbeing workshops available for students

The Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity team is running a suite of events this year to support students with their wellbeing throughout their time at university and beyond.

From coping with exam stress to looking after your general wellbeing, these groups are open to all. Below is some more information about the different types of workshops you can join: 

  • Wellbeing walks – Take some time out to get a breath of fresh air and rebalance for the day. 

  • Anxiety – Explore ways of how to recognise what is happening, and the different strategies you can use to manage different reactions.  

  • Grief and loss – Grief and loss is a natural process many of us experience, from grieving the loss of a family member or friend, to a relationship breakdown or loss of habits and rituals as a result of the pandemic. In this workshop, explore the range of emotions associated with this feeling and discuss ways to move forward. 

  • Quietening your inner chatter – Sometimes inner chatter can be negative and challenging, so to combat this, this session will highlight ideas about how you can find more balance in your life and quieten your negative thoughts. 

  • Uncertainty and looking forward – Especially over the last eighteen months, many of us may feel worried, scared or low about the future. This workshop will identify your response to managing uncertainty, and how to look forward to the future using realistic strategies.  

  • Coping with stress – In the run-up to exams and assessment deadlines, the team will be running informal workshops on how to manage stress as well as running through some positive coping strategies.  

  • Re-igniting your spark – A three-session series focusing on conquering low motivation and establishing a more balanced routine through increasing activity levels. 

  • Freshers support group – We know starting university is both exciting and daunting, and in the first few weeks some students may feel homesick, lost or lonely. This group is a place to meet others who may be feeling the same way, as well as a safe space to talk about your experience so far and receiving support from fellow students.  

The team also hosts other wellbeing-related sessions in addition to the above, and further groups will be added throughout the year. To find out when the workshops are taking place, take a look at the Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity team’s calendar here. You can also book your place via the calendar.   

For more information about any of the workshops, please contact