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Throughout the year student services offer a range of workshops and groups for students covering a variety of themes. Click the relevant topic/theme to find details of the upcoming sessions below.

University Mental Health day - 3rd March 2022

Join us on 3rd March at The Students' Union to celebrate University Mental Health Day!
Between 11am-3pm there will be stalls showcasing support that is available to you as well as self-help suggestions to help you look after your wellbeing.

Upstairs, there will be short 10-15 minute informal talks to help you incorporate self-care into your daily routine and let you know of key support services you can access should you feel you need extra help.

Stallholders and guest speakers include:
- Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity
- #Me
- Samaritans
More information will be released closer to the time of the event.

Wellbeing sessions (Online)


Student wellbeing sessions

Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity are running a series of online wellbeing sessions to support students with their wellbeing. You can find further information and book by clicking on the calendar below:

Wellbeing Walks

It’s the start of term and there’s a lot going on – need to pause? Join us for a breath of fresh air, a chance to rebalance and enjoy a wellbeing walk.


Anxiety is our body’s natural response to perceived threat and often leaves us with feelings of worry, fear or unease. In small doses, anxiety is helpful. It protects us from danger and focuses our attention on problems. When anxiety is too severe, or occurs too frequently, it can become debilitating. In this workshop we will explore some ideas of how to recognise what is happening and strategies to begin the manage different reactions.

Grief and Loss
This workshop is open to anyone who experiencing the sense of loss and grief however they find themselves in this situation.
We will all experience loss and grief. It’s a natural process that’s painful, personal and normal. Grief allows us to come to terms with significant loss and make sense of a new reality. Loss associated with grieving can be related to loss of a family member or friend, loss of health, relationship breakdown, loss of our normal life rituals and habits and living through a pandemic. In this workshop we will explore the broad range of emotions associated with loss and grief and discuss ways of moving forward.

Quietening Your Inner Chatter
Our inner chatter can be so impactful. We all have chatter –and for many of us it can be negative and challenging. It can derail us, bring down our mood and undermine our confidence. When we begin to recognise our chatter and types of chatter we can then begin to work to change it. This workshop will highlight some key ideas for beginning to quieten our inner chatter and find more balance.

Uncertainty and Looking Forward

We are living in uncertain times which for many of us leaves us feeling worried, scared, isolated or low. In this workshop we will explore how to recognise our response to and manage uncertainty and how to look forward. We will explore self-care and how we can establish realistic purpose and strategies for moving forward.

Coping with stress 

The Student Wellbeing service is offering an informal, friendly online workshop looking at stress and how to manage it more effectively in the run up to exams or coursework deadlines.

We’ll cover what stress is and how to develop some positive coping strategies. There is the opportunity for group discussion and questions but for those who may find this difficult, there is no pressure to speak, it’s ok to sit, watch and listen with your camera off.

Re-igniting your spark! 

When we feel down,we can often experience low motivation. This can lead to us doing less and getting stuck in a vicious cycle of the less we do, the worse we feel. This group runs for two sessions:

  • Session one looks at this cycle and a technique to break out of it by planning in and increasing activity levels to creating a balance and a routine.
  • Session two (a week later) is designed to help you trouble shoot any problems. We will review how things are going generally and consider how to maintain any improvement that has been made and other support options, if needed.

You will not be required to talk about personal issues during the group sessions. Discussion to do with symptoms and how you are finding putting in to practice the self-help technique will be welcomed.

Freshers support group 

Coming to university can be an exciting time, however sometimes you can struggle in unexpected ways. Some people feel homesick, struggle to settle into their living conditions or feel as though they are not making friends. This can leave students feeling lost and lonely.

This group offers support and a place to meet likeminded people who may be going through similar feelings. A space for you to talk about how you are feeling and find support with fellow students.

Please note that this is not a therapy group, we ask that you have your camera’s on as this will facilitate connections with others and helps make a more open atmosphere.

Living with Others: A Survivors Guide

Living with other people can be a really positive and exciting part of University life. However, sometimes problems can arise. These may range from different attitudes to issues such as noise and mess to living with someone who is in poor mental health.

This workshop will offer a framework (called Transactional Analysis) in which to understand conflicts and their possible resolution. We will talk about practical strategies (including ways of working out and setting boundaries), the limits of what may achievable and what other help and support is available.

Mid-term Blues

As the days get shorter and shorter and as the term seems to drag on, it can get harder and harder to sustain motivation and focus. Come along to share and hear others’ experiences of this stage of the year and perhaps pick up some hints and tips on how to get through it better.
Please note: this is not a therapy group. We ask that you have your cameras on for this event as this will facilitate connections with others and help make a more open atmosphere.

Student Support Session

This session is aimed at students who feel they may be struggling. This is a chance to connect with other students and share experiences and concerns about uni life, with a view to forging supportive connections with others.

Please note, this is not a therapy group.


Do you have chronic problems with procrastination – putting off important tasks despite negative consequences? You’re not alone, this friendly workshop explores the causes of procrastination and looks at practical solutions.

Increasing self-confidence

Self confidence can refer to a sense of self belief and trust in your own abilities. It maybe that you are more confidence in some areas of your life than others. During this session we explore the difference between self confidence, self esteem and self efficacy and how to manage and increase self confidence.

Groups from The Centre for Faith and Spirituality


Bereavement cafe

Description of activity: 

The Centre for Faith and Spirituality offers free bereavement support for staff and students at the University.

Running on every first Wednesday of the month, the sessions will run 1.15pm-2.15pm in the breakout area on the first floor of EHB.

The sessions aim to provide a safe and welcoming space for those affected by loss and bereavement and a place to share with others who have also experienced grief.

People of all faiths and those of no faith are welcome to attend.

For more information please contact The Centre for Faith and Spirituality

Location: The Centre for Faith and Spirituality, Edward Herbert Building.

Booking instructions: Booking not required, just turn up on the day.


Meditation drop-in sessions

Description of activity: 

Take time out from your busy day to revive your mind.

Meditation helps to improve concentration, gives time for self-reflection and can improve the quality of your sleep.

There will be gentle guided commentaries to listen to which help focus our mind, with quiet moments of reflection and some visuals.

Arrive when you want, stay as long as you want

Dates & times: Every second Wednesday of the month, 1.15 - 2.15pm.

Location: Online via Zoom

Booking instructions: Go to and enter Meeting ID: 813 1075 1881 Passcode: relax


Positive thinking session 

Description of activity: 

The sessions will be based on:

  • Understanding how the mind works.
  • Being able to recognise the influences on our thinking.
  • You will learn tools to develop positive self awareness and how to bring positivity into everyday life, with it's challenges.
  • There will be discussions and practical exercises (if people are willing).

These will be led by our Chaplain Natalie Steel

Dates & times: Fourth Wednesday of every month, 1.15-2.15pm

Location: Online via Zoom

Booking instructions: Go to and enter Meeting ID: 843 6470 2469 Passcode: positive

Doctoral Researcher Sessions


Doctoral Researcher Sessions

For many reasons undertaking a PhD can be a stressful and emotionally demanding experience.

This group is for Doctoral Researchers at any stage of their PhD who may be finding the process hard going. The group will offer support, a chance to explore the issues, peer problem solving (and survival strategies!) and a chance break down some of the isolation that Researchers often experience.

Each week will have a theme or themes which may include isolation, motivation, supervision, the emotional pressures which can come from the length of time it takes to complete, writing up fears, fear of finishing or other topics chosen as relevant by the group.

Participants are welcome to bring their lunch.

Dates and times:

To be announced

Location: ONLINE via Teams

BAME* Support Group


BAME* Support Group

*The Duty, Assessment and Inclusivity Team (DAI Team) team recognise the problematic terminology of the term ‘BAME’ and understand it should never replace the immense diversity and distinct ethic identities of each individual.

Description of activity: 

BAME* Support Group - online.

The mutual support group is open to all individuals within Loughborough University BAME* community as a safe space to share, listen and learn about each other’s experiences. The group is facilitated by a member of the DAI team however students choose the topics discussed. There is no pressure to participate if you do not want too. We hope the group will provide emotional and moral support for its members.

This takes place on the second Wednesday of each month

BAME* Support Group - A face to face meet up & walk.

The group is open to all Students within Loughborough University BAME* Community as an opportunity to meet others, get outside, have a chat and grab a hot drink. The meeting point will be sent before the walk.

This takes place on the last Wednesday of each month.

Further information

Further information can be found under the BAME* Specific Support webpage. including booking a 1:1 appointment with an advisor.

Trans and Non-binary Support Group


Trans and Non-binary Support Group

Description of activity: 

This is a support group for Trans and Non-binary students and students who are questioning their gender identity. This group provides a safe and confidential space for students to share their feelings, talk about their experiences and receive support, advice and guidance from the facilitator and other students alike. This support group is a space to not only talk about gender identity, but also anything else you may be experiencing in your day-to-day life, for which you feel you need support in a safe and inclusive space.

This support group will consist of no more than five students and be hosted online via Microsoft Teams. The session will start promptly at 4pm and finish at 4.50pm.

This support group is facilitated by Lisa Vine who is an external partner of Loughborough University and a Loughborough University alumna. Lisa is an LGBT+ advocate, consultant and trainer and was awarded Leicester Pride’s Unsung Hero Award in 2016 for her work on BBC Children in Need’s ‘Young Transgender Centre of Excellence’ project.

Named the ‘fairy trans mother’ by the young people she supported as part of this project, Lisa has almost six years of experience, advocating for and supporting trans and non-binary children, adolescents and young adults. You can find out more about Lisa and her work here:

Other wellbeing sessions at/near Lboro



#Me is an external student-led 12-week course which will take you through various aspects of mental health and wellbeing, looking at common issues and implementing coping strategies to help build resilience and improve self-awareness. 

Based on your sign-up form, you will be allocated to a group of around 6 like-minded students and meet online or in person (as prefered) each week for an hour over the 12 week course. Groups are led by 2 voluntary student facilitators who receive training and are available at a variety of time slots, including evenings, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 

Being part of #Me is a journey that focuses on each student’s individual circumstances and equips you in your own way, at your own pace. This safe, supportive environment will enable you to share experiences with those who can relate, feel valued as part of a community, and equipped to handle difficult situations or emotions. 

Why not watch video feedback from those who have previously been involved? You can see course dates and sign up to attend or facilitate here:

First Steps, EDISS Recovery Group

EDISS Recovery Group is a weekly online group workshop centred on eating disorder support and recovery. The group facilitates open discussion in a safe environment for those experiencing a difficult relationship with food and their body. Sessions are spent discussing common difficulties, working through problems, sharing practical information, discussing personal insights and giving advice, but there is never any pressure to contribute. The topic changes weekly and covers a variety of themes such as body image, coping with stress, comparison, control, social media, relationship to exercise and much more.

The EDISS Recovery Group runs every Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon and is open to anyone living with an eating disorder or experiencing eating or body image difficulties. The group is online and allows for people to drop in whenever works for them on a week-by-week basis. There is no commitment or pressure to attend every week after accessing once.

Those wanting to attend need to fill in the form ( They will then be added to an email list to receive weekly links to access the session.

Wellbeing Crisis Cafe, Loughborough Wellbeing Centre (External to Loughborough University)

The crisis cafes are part of Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust’s local support for people who need immediate help with their mental health. The cafes are drop in centres for anyone to come and talk to us about their mental health – no appointment needed. We have supportive, trained staff who can listen and provide the practical support you need. There will eventually be 25 cafes serving local communities across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Loughborough Crisis Cafe

Monday & Friday 5-11pm

Loughborough Wellbeing Centre, Asha House, 63 Woodgate, Loughborough, LE11 2TZ.

Where to find the cafes – click here

Mensoar ManTalk Webinars

As men, Mensoar understands it’s easier to bottle everything up and never talk about how we’re actually feeling. However, it’s often a lot healthier and better for our wellbeing to speak up and talk about whatever is going on.

The MenSoar Webinars are a great place to start if you’re new to learning about mental health. The Webinars will take place every other month over Zoom and will focus on different topics such as father’s mental health, workplace mental health and how events in your life can impact your overall well being.

Guest speakers include footballers and authors, as well as the opportunity to listen to their Clinical Psychologist who will explain why looking after our mental health is so important. The ManTalk Webinar sessions are open to everyone, so bring your friends and family along too.


And don’t worry if you’ve never attended anything like this online before, MenSoar are there to guide you through the process and help you to join the sessions successfully.


If you would like to attend the webinars, email and the joining details will be forwarded to you.


To book onto our events please go to our events Calendar on Target Connect or find and click on the event on our interactive calendar below. 

Wellbeing events calendar

Please take a look at our calendar for our full list of events below, and click into each session to find out how to book.


If you would like to request an event, workshop or resource in relation to mental health and wellbeing, or would like to feed back on our current offering please complete the form below. You will remain anonymous.