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Throughout the year student services offer a range of workshops and groups for students covering a variety of themes. Click the relevant topic/theme to find details of the upcoming sessions below including details of how to book:

Neurodiversity week


Neurodiversity week

To celebrate Neurodiversity Week, Student Services and the Staff Inclusivity group have compiled a range of resources to help you learn what neurodiversity means and how our brains all work differently from one another.

Take a look through our resources on our Neurodiversity week webpage.

Wellbeing sessions (Online)


Student wellbeing sessions

From 30th April-24th May Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity are running a series of online wellbeing sessions. You can find further information and book by clicking on the linked dates below:

Anxiety is our body’s natural response to perceived threat and often leaves us with feelings of worry, fear or unease. In small doses, anxiety is helpful. It protects us from danger and focuses our attention on problems. When anxiety is too severe, or occurs too frequently, it can become debilitating. In this workshop we will explore some ideas of how to recognise what is happening and strategies to begin the manage different reactions.

Dates and times: 

Friday 30th April, 11am.

Friday 30th April, 1.30pm.

Friday 7th May, 1.30pm.

Friday 14th May, 1.30pm.

Friday 21st May, 1.30pm.

Grief and Loss
This workshop is open to anyone who experiencing the sense of loss and grief however they find themselves in this situation.
We will all experience loss and grief. It’s a natural process that’s painful, personal and normal. Grief allows us to come to terms with significant loss and make sense of a new reality. Loss associated with grieving can be related to loss of a family member or friend, loss of health, relationship breakdown, loss of our normal life rituals and habits and living through a pandemic. In this workshop we will explore the broad range of emotions associated with loss and grief and discuss ways of moving forward.

Dates and times: 

Friday 7th May, 11am.

Quietening Your Inner Chatter
Our inner chatter can be so impactful. We all have chatter –and for many of us it can be negative and challenging. It can derail us, bring down our mood and undermine our confidence. When we begin to recognise our chatter and types of chatter we can then begin to work to change it. This workshop will highlight some key ideas for beginning to quieten our inner chatter and find more balance.

Dates and times: 

Friday 14th May, 11am.

Uncertainty and Looking Forward

We are living in uncertain times which for many of us leaves us feeling worried, scared, isolated or low. In this workshop we will explore how to recognise our response to and manage uncertainty and how to look forward. We will explore self-care and how we can establish realistic purpose and strategies for moving forward.

Dates and times: 

Friday 21st May, 11am.


Coping with stress session (Online)


Coping with stress session

The Student Wellbeing service is offering an informal, friendly online workshop looking at stress and how to manage it more effectively in the run up to exams or coursework deadlines.
We’ll cover what stress is and how to develop some positive coping strategies. There is the opportunity for group discussion and questions but for those who may find this difficult, there is no pressure to speak, it’s ok to sit, watch and listen with your camera off.

There will be 3 workshops running on Tuesday 23rd March, Thursday 22nd April and Tuesday 27th April at 2pm. Please click the dates below to book your place:

Dates and times:

[past event] Tuesday 23rd March, 2pm-3.30pm

Thursday 22nd April, 2pm-3.30pm

Tuesday 27th April, 2pm-3.30pm


Location: ONLINE



Bereavement cafe

Description of activity: 

The Centre for Faith and Spirituality offers free bereavement support for staff and students at the University.

Running on every first Wednesday of the month, the sessions will run 1.15pm-2.15pm in the breakout area on the first floor of EHB.

The sessions aim to provide a safe and welcoming space for those affected by loss and bereavement and a place to share with others who have also experienced grief.

People of all faiths and those of no faith are welcome to attend.

For more information please contact The Centre for Faith and Spirituality


Dates & times: New dates to be announced.


Location: The Centre for Faith and Spirituality, Edward Herbert Building.


Booking instructions: Booking not required, just turn up on the day.



Meditation drop-in sessions

Description of activity: 

Take time out from your busy day to revive your mind.

Meditation helps to improve concentration, gives time for self-reflection and can improve the quality of your sleep.

There will be gentle guided commentaries to listen to which help focus our mind, with quiet moments of reflection and some visuals.

Arrive when you want, stay as long as you want

Dates & times: Every second Wednesday of the month, 1.15 - 2.15pm.


Location: Online via Zoom


Booking instructions: Go to and enter Meeting ID: 813 1075 1881 Passcode: relax

Positive thinking


Positive thinking session 

Description of activity: 

The sessions will be based on:

  • Understanding how the mind works.
  • Being able to recognise the influences on our thinking.
  • You will learn tools to develop positive self awareness and how to bring positivity into everyday life, with it's challenges.
  • There will be discussions and practical exercises (if people are willing).

These will be led by our Chaplain Natalie Steel

Dates & times: Fourth Wednesday of every month, 1.15-2.15pm


Location: Online via Zoom


Booking instructions: Go to and enter Meeting ID: 843 6470 2469 Passcode: positive

PhD Student Sessions


PhD Student Sessions

For many reasons undertaking a PhD can be a stressful and emotionally demanding experience.

This group is for PhD students at any stage of their PhD who may be finding the process hard going. The group will offer support, a chance to explore the issues, peer problem solving (and survival strategies!) and a chance break down some of the isolation that PhD students often experience.

Each week will have a theme or themes which may include isolation, motivation, supervision, the emotional pressures which can come from the length of time it takes to complete, writing up fears, fear of finishing or other topics chosen as relevant by the group.

Participants are welcome to bring their lunch.

There will be 5 workshops running from Monday 26th July - Monday 6th September at 12pm. Please click the dates below to book your place:

Dates and times:

Monday 26 July, 12-1pm.
Monday 2 August, 12-1pm.
Monday 16 August, 12-1pm.
Monday 23 August, 12-1pm.
Monday 6 September, 12-1pm.


Location: ONLINE via Teams

Wellbeing events calendar


If you would like to request an event, workshop or resource in relation to mental health and wellbeing, or would like to feed back on our current offering please complete the form below. You will remain anonymous.