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Statement from the University, LSU, LSU Feminist Society and LSU CASH

Loughborough University, Loughborough Students’ Union, LSU Feminist Society and CASH stand resolutely against spiking.

Spiking is a crime, and any individual identified as being involved in spiking will face termination of their university studies and a life ban from campus.
LSU has implemented a range of initiatives within its venues to improve the safety of students through increased searches on entry, recruitment of Welfare Officers alongside improvements to CCTV and security briefings. These are important steps, and the University will continue working with the LSU to take further action over the coming weeks.
The University has made its position publicly clear on this topic. Our broader work on sexual and domestic violence can be found here. The University will be providing additional briefings to our security and student support staff today, as well as producing material to be displayed around campus.
The signatories to this note met today (22nd October 2021) to identify additional actions that may be needed which we will be working together on as soon as possible. 
We have received a limited number of reports from students about spiking, and we strongly encourage students to report any incidents that occur, regardless of whether they were directly involved or affected. We understand the concern that spiking causes, especially in light of the broader societal backdrop of violence towards women.
We encourage all individuals to come forwards so that they can receive the support they deserve and to aid in the identification of any perpetrators.
Reports can be made in different ways. They are:
• If, at any point during your time at LSU, you feel unwell or uncomfortable, please don’t hesitate to approach any member of the LSU Staff Team or a member of security to receive the appropriate support. Any incidents reported to LSU will be shared with Loughborough University.
• If you don’t feel able to report an incident at the time, you can report an incident directly to the University here who will triage the appropriate support.
• Contact University Security (numbers on the back of student cards)
All reports are recorded and investigated.
Richard Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, Loughborough University
Freya Mason, President, and Alex Marlowe, Welfare and Diversity Executive Officer, Loughborough Students’ Union
Lizzy Watts, Chair, Loughborough Feminist Society
LSU CASH (Consent and Sexual Health)