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Support if you have been subjected to sexual / domestic violence / stalking

Loughborough University has made a commitment to support anyone affected by sexual violence, domestic violence and/or stalking, and also to highlight that educating the community is the first step in ending violence.

The Knowviolence campaign ran between 25th Nov - 10th Dec to raise awareness of the support available and types of violence that women and girls are subject to. Future campaigns will be aimed towards other groups of people subjected to stalking and/or sexual/domestic violence.

If you have been subjected to sexual violence / domestic violence / stalking, you can find more information about your options and the support available below. 

Video - Domestic violence


Links mentioned in the video:

Please see below for a PDF with support and advice related to domestic violence including recognising domestic violence, "what if this is happening to me now?", "what will the University do?", "what if I witnessed these things at home?" and useful links:

FutureLearn is currently running a course on how you can support victims of domestic violence. This course is primarily for health and social care professionals but also for anyone familiar with victims of domestic violence. Please see below for the link:

Video - Stalking


Links and resources mentioned in the video:

Below is a link to the "Scared of Someone" website with information and support for if you are being subjected to stalking:

Please click below for a PDF containing further information:

How Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity can support you


Please click below for information to help you if you have been subjected to sexual violence:

If you need urgent support please contact:

If you wish to make a disclosure to the University or have been subjected to any of the above topics you can contact the Duty, Assessment and Inclusion team by completing a self-referral form found here.

If you are in halls you can speak to your Warden.

Or you can contact the Security Team or Student Services and ask to speak with someone confidentially.

You can find out further information, and other organisations to contact within our self-help resources

What is the University doing to prevent Sexual Violence?