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Photo of Life Beacon LSU Action volunteers presenting to pupils in classroom at De Lisle College

New project for pupils launched by Doctoral Researcher at De Lisle College

A charity led by a colleague from Loughborough University recently launched their first interactive workshop for pupils at De Lisle College.

Headshot of Life Beacon founder and Doctoral Researcher Ruby

Ruby Appiah-Campbell

Life Beacon is a non-governmental organisation that aims to educate and mentor young people to develop a sustainable life, particularly in their education, career and personal life.  

It was founded by Doctoral Researcher Ruby Appiah-Campbell two years after starting her PhD at the University, where she is also a University Teacher as well as a Sub-Warden based in Cayley Hall providing pastoral care to students. Her research is seeking to uncover the prosocial behaviours that contribute to a better world through the lens of marketing, and the fundamental goal of her charity Life Beacon is to help young people, regardless of their background, and particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, live a more sustainable life.  

Ruby, along with a team of LSU Action student volunteers, visited De Lisle College last week to conduct an interactive workshop for a group of Year 12 students. The purpose of this workshop was to inspire young people to consider higher education and to clear up any misconceptions.  

The session covered different topics about university life, including career prospects, independent living, budgeting, trying new activities and the support available for students. It also uncovered alternative paths to university such as apprenticeships, gap years, and employment. The workshop plans to be the first of many to take place at other schools and colleges.  

The pupils were asked to provide their feedback at the end, with many commenting the workshop was ‘useful’, ‘really detailed’ and able to ‘clear up any misconceptions’ about life as a university student.  

Find out more about the support Life Beacon provides here.