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Loughborough community invited to join the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Kimberly-Clark Distinguished Lecture 2021

Staff and students at the University are invited to attend Interpore’s Kimberly-Clark Distinguished Lecture 2021.

Each year, Interpore selects a researcher who is internationally recognised in the field of porous media to speak at the organisation’s Kimberly-Clark Distinguished Lecture Series at selected host organisations. The lectures share industrially relevant topics to member and non-member organisations.  

This year’s lecture series will be presented by Professor Muhmmad Sahimi from the University of Southern California, USA, with a lecture entitled Porous Media – Small and Large: From atomistic modelling of nanoporous membranes to modelling of flow and transport in geological formations, and will take place on Friday 5 November from 3pm-4pm. 

The lecture will focus on four fundamental porous media problems and the approaches to model them. Firstly, a process-based modelling of fabrication of a nano-porous membrane based on quantum mechanical calculations and molecular dynamics simulations will be described. A general approach to modelling of absorption and swelling of several types of core-scale porous materials will be outlined, along with issues associated with limited data and a potential method to solve this. To conclude, the problem of upscaling from core to field scale will be described, as well as a multi-resolution approach to the problem. 

Professor Sahimi is an expert in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, and the NIOC Chair in Petroleum Engineering at his institution. His research interests include flow, transport, reaction, adsorption and deformation in porous media, characterisation of fracture network of rock, transport of fluid mixtures in membranes, and transport of fluids and macromolecules in nanostructured materials. He has published more than 400 papers and is the recipient of several teaching and research awards. 

Loughborough University’s Dr Diganta Bhusan Das from the Department of Chemical Engineering will host the event after the Department was successful in being named a host of the lecture series following a competitive process. 

Attendees can join the event online via MS Teams here – no advanced booking is required.