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George Laight

Student develops solution for easy bike storage during his Year in Enterprise

Product Design Engineering student, George Laight, has created BikeStow Up, making it easy to store bikes in a small space.

George’s family spend a lot of time cycling and they were searching for a product that would enable them to secure their bikes safely. This was particularly important when George came to university and needed somewhere to store his bike in his flat, where he was not able to screw hooks into the wall.

When he realised there was no product available on the market to suit his needs, George decided to develop his own freestanding, space-efficient bike storage solution.

The BikeStow Up stand can be used horizontally or vertically, dependent on the space and is designed to avoid any direct lifting by utilising the back wheel as a pivot. It is also adjustable so it can be used on all different kinds of bikes.

BikeStow Up bike stand

George developed the product during his Year in Enterprise, a scheme that Loughborough offers for those wanting to explore their business ideas as part of their degree. You can take the Year in Enterprise option between your second and third year as an alternative to the traditional placement year or study abroad.

Training courses and mentoring are provided to help students develop their ideas and learn more about starting their own business.

George commented: "The Year in Enterprise has been a fantastic opportunity to fully focus on my business in a supportive yet flexible environment. As a young person with little prior business knowledge or life experience in general, the Year in Enterprise's support and training is genuinely practical and useful. 

“Perhaps the most fruitful element of the scheme is being surrounded by so many other students going through the same journey, all learning the same things at the same time. It's a collaborative and synergetic atmosphere, despite the fact we’re all starting very different ventures!"

The BikeStow Up is priced from £120 and can be ordered here. More information on the Year in Enterprise is available online.