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Sarah Everard Vigil – Wednesday 17 March

As you will have seen over the past week, the University released a statement regarding the murder of Sarah Everard and to acknowledge the impact that this event, and the response to it, has had on our community.

The misogynistic and victim-blaming response within our media has also only served to emphasise the extent of the problem, as well as the disparities in how violence against Black and trans women is responded to.

At Loughborough we stand against violence in any form, but feel that this is a critical moment for the University community to affirm its position of standing up against sexual- and gender-based violence and to continue to effect changes that ensure all members of our community feel safe, and that staff and students feel comfortable in reporting incidents of harassment and violence.

Tomorrow (17 March 2021) the University will be holding a vigil between 4.30pm-4.45pm via MS Teams, and we would like to invite you to join us.

This will be an occasion for the community to come together, to remember women like Sarah Everard and Blessing Olusegun, and to stand in solidarity against gender-based violence.

To register and get access to the Teams link, please complete the online form.

For anyone who will be on campus tomorrow (and have complied with the University’s protocols regarding asymptomatic Covid testing), there will be an arrangement by the Hazlerigg-Rutland fountain where you can take a moment to reflect and remember.

Please remember, as always, to strictly observe social distancing measures if you are there at the same time as anyone else.

If you have been discussing the events of the last week on any social media channels, we are also making available – weather permitting – some printed graphics of the #SheWasWalkingHome message that has been widely shared. Please feel free to take one of these.

Every member of the Loughborough University community has a role to play in combatting gender- and sexual-based violence. If you have been affected and wish to report an incident or seek support, please see our online resources: