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International Student Network hosts programme of events to celebrate Loughborough’s international community

To mark International Students’ Appreciation Week, Loughborough’s International Student Network has curated a week-long programme of events which are open to all, as well as informative and fun content from different countries around the world.

All of the content and links to the various events can be found on the International Student Network Facebook group and their Instagram page.

From film discussions and quizzes, to adapting to homesickness and broadening friendship groups, a wide variety of topics and areas will be covered.

International Officer for 2020/21 Gabo Ortiz Vieira commented: “We are delighted to bring to life the new week-long event of International Students’ Appreciation Week. We are disappointed that International Day is not able to take place this year as usual, so we have decided to take all the good things and create and share content from different countries around the world!

“We are hoping all of our international students can get involved somehow and that they feel represented, celebrated and empowered.”

The programme is as follows:

Do international students tend to stay within friend groups of their own nationalities? A Discussion – Tuesday 16 March, 2pm

A discussion into whether international students tend to stay within their own nationalities, the potential reasons behind it, and some tips on how you can go about making your social circle more international.

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Taste of the Middle East – Wednesday 17 March, 12pm

Join us to explore your culinary talents by following a Middle Eastern recipe live.

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ISN and LSU’s Postgraduate Officer Present: Expand your Postgrad Network – Wednesday 17 March, 3pm

An event for our lovely international Postgraduate community to get to know each other, network and have a good time.

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Panel Discussion: Homesickness and Adapting to New Cultures – Thursday 18 March, 2pm

Being the International Students’ Network, we understand the difficulties faced by international students while attending Loughborough. One of these challenges is overcoming homesickness and interacting with students and people from various nationalities.

As part of International Students’ Appreciation Week, Laura Bargueiras and Yash Adwani come together to host a panel discussion on the topic. Panelists will talk about numerous issues and give their insight on such scenarios. We invite all students to share their experiences.

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Wrap Up Quiz – Friday 19 March, 7.30pm

A final event to wrap up an amazing week full of events, content and celebration of cultural diversity! 

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