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Reminder: Staff and students survey for women: Sexual Harassment

Please note this article is promoting the launch of a survey being undertaken by the Maia Network on sexual harassment.

We recognise there may be elements of this that may be triggering and uncomfortable for some members of our community, so we would like to advise caution before you continue reading.


In the UK, over 50% of women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.  

In the UK, over 50% of students have faced unwanted sexual behaviour.  

Harassment is not gender-specific, although the prevalence is women being harassed by men. At Loughborough, our aspiration is to enable an inclusive culture – for staff and students – in which we can all thrive, and feel psychologically safe. 

This survey is specifically for women* and its aim is to document the extent to which women in our Loughborough community have been victims of harassment. This work seeks to explore how prevalent harassment is and to use this information to drive the development of support and educational interventions to better serve our community, as well as contribute to national and international efforts to highlight this important issue. 

We encourage you to complete the survey even if you do not feel you have experienced harassment.

It can be completed online here until Friday 28 May. All responses are anonymous. 

*Including trans women and non-binary people