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Loughborough launches dedicated research website

The University is delighted to launch a new website dedicated to research conducted across the institution.

Loughborough is renowned for the excellence and relevance of its research, which helps to shape public policy, improve lives, and enable businesses and industry to compete more effectively.

The website has been a long-term project, with extensive repurposing of the REF submission to reflect the University’s diverse research, its impact and measures of esteem.

Brand new content has been produced for every page, much of which is ready for replication across School research webpages, and for wider marketing purposes.

Featured projects within the internationally recognised and developing capabilities areas and the impact sections of spotlights will be manually updated throughout the year, with the news page automatically loading across the site to keep the content fresh.

The search functions are also brand new. Filters can refine the search and further improvements to the functionality will be undertaken over time.

Visit the website here.