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Changes to Microsoft recordings from Wednesday 28 July

On Wednesday 28 July, IT Services will be rolling out the new version of Stream.

The change will be made by 4.30pm but may take up to 48 hours to propagate through to your Teams App. The new version of Microsoft Stream (built on SharePoint) will replace the current Stream (Classic) application and will provide users with improved functionality for Microsoft recordings including those in MS Teams.

Following the upgrade, users will be able to create, share, discover, and manage video just as they would any other file.

Microsoft Teams recordings will be saved in either Teams Channel Files (built on SharePoint) or OneDrive, depending on whether they are a channel meeting or any other type of meeting.

MS Teams channel

  • If the meeting takes place in a standard* MS Teams channel, the recording will be stored in a folder named ‘Recordings’ in the Files tab for the channel.

All other recordings

  • Recordings, such as scheduled meetings, will be stored in the OneDrive of the person who started the recording. A folder named ‘Recordings’ will be automatically created when the first recording is made. A link to the recording will appear in the meeting chat and the meeting details view within MS Teams.

NB: Due to different types of Microsoft licenses, the recordings that some people make may not be automatically saved in OneDrive or Teams Channel files. When this happens, there will be a prompt in the Teams meeting chat to manually download the recording within 21 days. It can then be viewed/saved to the appropriate folder. If it is not downloaded within 21 days, it will be automatically deleted by Microsoft.

*If the meeting takes place in a private channel, the recording will be stored in a folder named ‘Recordings’ in the SharePoint site for the private channel.

Further guidance and FAQs can be found on the Microsoft Teams web pages

Should you experience any issues following the upgrade, please contact the IT Service Desk.