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Loughborough student reads heart-warming poem as part of LGBT+ History Month

Current student Leah Langley – who is in her final year studying BSc Sport and Exercise Psychology – has written a poem about her experiences of being gay at university as part of LGBT+ History Month.

Seen Beyond Measure shows an insight into how LGBT+ matters did not seem to be openly discussed prior to Leah’s journey at Loughborough, and how here, she could be ‘out and proud’ because she was ‘in the most accepting place, where it wasn’t forbidden’.

Despite having never heard of LGBT+ History Month before she came to Loughborough, Leah took the time to find out where it all started and shares some facts as she reads her poem aloud.

Furthermore, she talks about the LGBT+ Association, with a heart-warming message that ‘it’s made up of the most inspiring students who go above and beyond to make you feel included, or to answer questions; they always respond’.

The poem also recognises the University as a Stonewall Diversity Champion and mentions previous campaigns such as Rainbow Laces.

Finally, the last verse offers an uplifting message to all those listening as members of the Loughborough family:

So thank you to Loughborough and all inside its bubble,

For welcoming this girl in with minimal trouble.

For giving her a life free from so much fear,

And making her see things a lot more clear.

You are now her home, a place she’ll always treasure,

For you made her feel accepted and seen beyond measure.