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Progress Pride flag on Library

The University Library proudly reveals two Progress Pride flags on their building

As part of Loughborough’s commitment to being a safe space for the LGBT+ community, the Library is now sporting two new Progress Pride flags on the entrance and exit to the building.

The Progress Pride flag was designed in 2018 by designer Daniel Quasar to highlight the extra levels of marginalisation faced by the trans community, LGBT+ people of colour and those who live with, or have died from, AIDS.

Students living away from home for the first time might worry about fitting in and being able to be themselves, and for many LGBT+ students this is even harder.  Visible signs of support and celebration of LBGT+ identities around campus can make a real difference to ensure that everyone is welcome at Loughborough.

Information on the LGBT+ Staff group and the LGBT+ Student Association can be found on their webpages.