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Statement by the Vice-Chancellor

The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis is abhorrent and should lead us to reflect on racism, including here in our University community. We must strengthen our resolve to reject all behaviours and actions that are racist in nature. Our values as a University commit us to being a welcoming, plural, diverse and inclusive community. Racism has no place at Loughborough.

I know with regret from listening to Black students and staff that racism does manifest here. We must not let it pass unchallenged. I take personal responsibility for leading work that positions the University as anti-racist.

To my white colleagues and students I say: this is an endeavour that we must all support. We must be pro-active in standing against racism and champion the values of equality, diversity and plurality.

To my Black colleagues and students I say: we are imperfect and must do better. Thank you for your guidance and advice. We welcome any help that you are able to offer to us. You all have my best wishes, particularly at this difficult time.

You can use the links at the end of this message to find out more about what we all need to do as a community, our work so far, and where you can find further support.

Thank you.


Professor Robert J. Allison


Loughborough University


An update on our Race Equality Charter work is here

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