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Addressing racism on campus

A message from the Chief Operating Officer and Loughborough ACS Student Society originally posted on 1 June, 2020.


Dear Colleagues and Students, 

Current events in the United States bring into stark relief issues of racism in our own society, and if I'm frank, at our University, which is part of that society. It should strengthen our resolve to become better in practising equality and inclusion.

Earlier in the year we wrote to let you know that the University had become a member of the Race Equality Charter (REC). We became members because racism exists in society, and our University is part of society. Therefore, racism exists at Loughborough University. Given that is the case, it is important that the University adopts a position that is committed to anti-racism, advancing race equality, and leading a change in culture and practices.  

To be clear, we realise that we are not always where we want to be when it comes to addressing racism at the University and on campus. We are though developing a comprehensive, data informed action plan to advance race equality at Loughborough University over the next three years. This action plan will address key areas such as student progression and attainment, staff recruitment and promotion. And it will also require those of us in leadership roles to critically reflect on our own beliefs and practices as part of efforts to change the University’s organisational culture. 

We are appreciative of the guidance and support of LSU’s Ethnic Minorities Network, the Loughborough student African Caribbean Society and our BME staff network in this endeavor, to tackle racism here at Loughborough and society more widely, and their advice on this statement. 

The creation of an environment where all talent thrives and is welcome, is in all our interests. More importantly, to treat people equally and with respect is simply the right thing to do. 

Information on reporting hate incidents can be found here 

Support more generally is available here 

Our Race Equality Charter commitment is here


Richard Taylor 

Chief Operating Officer 

Race Equality Co-Champion 


From Loughborough ACS student society 

As a society, we recognise there is still progress needed on racism at Loughborough, whilst acknowledging the good work that has been recently done. With the support of the University and its students, we want to continue to provide an environment in which all students can thrive without the presence of any social injustice. We are therefore here as a support system, alongside the University, for any student that wishes to speak out on their problems. In the near future, we as the African-Caribbean Society will introduce a system which can help facilitate this process. Further information will be provided in the future but in the meantime, please do not be afraid to reach out to our Welfare & Education Officer (Princess Terin) via to disclose any concerns you may have.