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Mitigating Circumstances claims in relation to recent events in the USA

We understand that recent events in the USA, following on from Covid-19, are likely to affect our students in different ways. We are committed to providing an environment in which all students are supported to succeed. We have already committed to ensuring that no student is disadvantaged because of earlier industrial action and the global pandemic, and now it is appropriate to extend that commitment further.

Four Safety Nets are already in place to support our students both individually and collectively, and we will be taking the complex set of circumstances into account through the marking processes.

Recent events will affect all students differently and therefore all students are welcome to submit an additional individual Mitigating Circumstances claim if they wish to do so to explain how they have been impacted by recent global events. We know that students may already have submitted Mitigating Circumstances claims because of the Coronavirus situation, but it is completely acceptable to submit an additional claim.

We have already stated that no supporting evidence is required for Coronavirus related Mitigating Circumstances claims, and have now extended this statement such that no supporting evidence is required for claims which relate to the above.

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