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29 May 2019

Students: Support services available during exams

With exams approaching for many of you, here’s a reminder of the services and support available to you.

Study spaces

The 24/7 opening for the summer exam period begins on Monday 20 May at 8.30am and will run until Wednesday 19 June.

The Library can get very busy during exams – keep an eye on the Library’s website, their Facebook page, and on Twitter for all the latest information.

IT software and support

If you need computer facilities, there are a number of PC labs across campus which are open to everyone.

Have a look online to find your nearest ones. The IT Services website provides real-time information on whether there are computers currently available. Your School will also have computers that you will be able to use – go to School Computer Labs for a list.

If you need to use specialist software for your course, the IT Services website has a searchable list of what’s available and where.

IT Services make a wide range of software available for you to download free of charge, including the latest version of Microsoft Office.

For a full list of everything available and details of how to download it, visit the IT Services website.

Personal Support

There are a range of services available at the University which can help if you feel you would benefit from additional support during the exam period.

Student Services offer support with mental healthdisability and specific learning differences

You may also find it helpful to take a look at the online self-help information which is available for you to access at any time.

There is also information on how to manage exam anxiety and optimise performance, as well as advice on how to improve your revision and exam skills.

The Centre for Faith and Spirituality, upstairs in the EHB, offers quiet space for study, revision and to take a break. Chaplains are also on hand to provide emotional and spiritual support.

For more information on the exam support available – including Maths and English support and exam rules and regulations - visit the dedicated Exam Support website.