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21 May 2019

Are you clear about the road ahead?

Are you one of four people who find it difficult to drive at night, or the one in five who find road signs blurry?

Over 40% of drivers notice distracting glare from oncoming headlights when driving at night.

The shocking fact is that eyesight can decline gradually and unnoticed, with people losing up to 40% of their visual acuity without being aware of deterioration.

Although three-quarters of the UK adult population make use of corrective eyewear or have had laser eye surgery, many have not had routine checks, making deterioration a possibility.

In the UK, road crashes involving a driver with poor vision are estimated to cause 2,900 casualties and cost £33 million per year.  

Experts recommend having a professional eye test every two years, however a survey conducted by the road safety charity, Brake, found 25% of UK drivers haven’t had a vision test in the past two years, and 4% (the equivalent of more than 1.5 million licence holders) have never had their eyes tested.

If you are a staff member at the University and use display screen equipment, you are eligible to have your eyes tested for free through the University’s eye test scheme.

And if you don’t, Sask Optics in the Students’ Union will be happy to talk to you about what they can offer. For further information, or to book your eye test, call 01509 231006 or email