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27 Mar 2019

Applications for the 2019 Teaching Innovation Awards are now open

Staff members and students can now submit applications for this year’s Teaching Innovation Awards (TIAs).

The TIAs support innovation which positively impacts students’ academic experience and enhances the teaching quality at Loughborough University.

As new developments appear across both campuses, there may be particular initiatives you wish to research or implement to support staff or students to advance in terms of teaching environments, uses of technology or approaches to learning.

Funds up to a maximum of £3,000 per project are available, although this can be increased to £5,000 in exceptional cases.

This year, the panel is particularly interested in projects which involve innovative approaches to technology, new ways of working, or projects which could be led by students or Loughborough Students’ Union members. However, all projects that have addressed an area of learning, teaching or assessment are welcome.

These can be short projects (one to two months long), medium projects (three to six months long) and long-term projects up to 12 months.

Further awards guidance and application forms are available now on the Centre for Academic Practice (CAP) website.

In addition, there is a dedicated Teaching Innovation Award for staff from Schools who are linked to the STEMLab.

To maximise the opportunities for innovation in learning and teaching approaches now available with our STEMlab facilities, staff are invited to apply for the STEMLab TIAs to fund a student intern over the summer to help develop new experiments, lab approaches and teaching materials ready for implementation and evaluation for the following academic year. 

For more information about STEMLab TIAs, please click here.

The deadline for both TIA and STEMLab TIA applications is Monday 29 April 2019.