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photo of academic speaking in front of early tech start-up founders

26 Feb 2019

Opportunity for academics and researchers to collaborate with early-stage technology start-ups

Academics and researchers at the University who may be interested in working alongside early-stage technology enterprises can do so as part of this year’s Sport Tech Hub.

Loughborough University London has recently been offering support to sport technology start-ups who are battling the physical inactivity crisis in London.

Sport Tech Hub is a 24-week incubation programme which exists to empower early-stage tech start-ups that aim to create a happier and healthier society.

The programme has a cohort of nine companies, that all have solutions, services or products which encourage greater physical activity. The founders of these companies have been able to attend workshops, receive mentoring and network with established contacts as part of the programme to support the development of their business.

In addition, staff from across the University have contributed to Sports Tech Hub in the form of expert talks, workshops and potential research collaborations.

The companies on the programme have also been able to access other University services, such as proposing student projects through the innovative Collaborate programme.

Professor David Stensel, Associate Dean for Research for the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences (SSEHS), who has contributed to the programme said: “These companies are focusing on issues relating to physical activity and health, and hence drawing either directly or indirectly from research findings from many of my colleagues. 

“It was very interesting for me to interact with the companies and to better understand the type of support they need, while also being able to explain to them the ways in which they might collaborate with me and my colleagues for mutual benefit. This will certainly help to facilitate future interactions between these companies and SSEHS staff.”  

Ben Cole, Stakeholder Development Manager for Loughborough University London, added: “Activities like our interaction with London Sports’ Sport Tech Hub really open the gateway for our research to have impact. Our London base means we can connect into activities that speak to our strengths and build truly mutually beneficial collaborations.” 

For more information on the Sport Tech Hub accelerator and how to get involved, please contact Ben Cole by emailing