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Consent Week 2019.

11 Feb 2019

Consent Week is underway at Loughborough Students’ Union

Several activities and events will be taking place at Loughborough Students’ Union this week (11-15 Feb) as part of Consent Week.

The annual event, organised by the LSU Consent and Sexual Health Coordinator and the LSU Welfare and Diversity Officer, is devoted to raising awareness of consent-related issues, prompting conversations and highlighting the support available.

The focus of Consent Week 2019 is on the societal pressures on consent, which are especially predominant around Valentine's Day.

This year’s timetable of events includes a ‘Let’s Talk About Consent’ workshop, an information stall with LGBT+ and an interactive theatre performance called ‘Consentless’*.

The forum theatre will explore consent in four scenarios and after watching the scenes, audience members will be asked to suggest ways that sexual misconduct could have been prevented.

Commenting on the week’s importance, Hannah Gudde, LSU Consent and Sexual Health Coordinator, and Salomé Dore, LSU Welfare and Diversity Officer, said: “Getting people talking about consent is the key to increasing how easily issues relating to consent are recognised.

“We hope to encourage as many students as possible to enter into the conversation about consent and in doing so maximise the likelihood of incident recognition on campus, leading to opportunities for correct support provision to survivors and the prevention of future incidences.”

All the events are free to attend and open to everyone. The full Consent Week timetable can be found here.

**Trigger Warning: The events of this week have strong themes of sexual assault and sexual harassment.