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19 Aug 2019

Email auto-forwarding restriction for staff to external recipients

As you may be aware, following a meeting of the University’s Information Governance Sub Committee [IGSC18-M4 Minute 18/35], a decision was made to restrict the usage of automatic forwarding of emails to external recipients.

This change will be fully implemented on 3 September. Following implementation, any new rules or settings intended to automatically forward emails from staff accounts to external recipients will generate a bounce message and will not be sent.   

Internal auto-forwarding will not be affected.         

Any existing external forwarding settings will remain active but will be reviewed following the implementation date.       

We strongly encourage all staff who are already using automatic forwarding to external recipients to review their settings in advance of this and, where possible, to stop using the feature as the University does not retain control of potentially sensitive or personal information once the email has left our systems.