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10 Apr 2019

Gender Pay Gap data 2017-18

All organisations with 250 or more employees must publish information about their gender pay gap – the difference between the average (median and mean) earnings of all men and women working within the organisation.

The University has now published its data, for the year ending 31st March 2018, on its website.

The statistics show that Loughborough has a mean Gender Pay Gap of 27.1%, which is considerably more than the sector average.

One of the biggest issues driving the pattern is the large proportion of men at grade nine and the high concentration of women in roles of grades one to three, a significant proportion of whom work part-time. Unlike some other institutions, Loughborough does not outsource these operational support roles.

This year the University also in-sourced its retail activity, bringing several staff into University employment. These staff were almost entirely female, on lower grades and part-time. This has strengthened those colleagues’ terms and conditions of employment, but it has exacerbated the University’s pay gap.

Fully understanding and addressing the University’s Gender Pay Gap is a priority for us and is an integral part of the new People Strategy, which proposes specific interventions. An outline of the actions we intend to take to help us address it are also included on the University’s Gender Pay Gap report online.