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27 Mar 2018

Semester 2 exam timetable available

The timetable for Semester 2 Examinations is now available on LEARN. Venues and seat numbers will be published in May 2018.

You should make sure you are familiar with the University’s Regulations governing the Conduct of Examinations; these will be strictly enforced and failure to comply with the Regulations will result in a charge of Academic Misconduct.

These apply to exams in Semester 1, Semester 2 and the Special Assessment Period.

Please also remember that:

  1. Only calculators from the List of Approved Calculators for use in University Examinations may be taken into the Exam Hall. Any student found to have a calculator not on this list will be charged with Academic Misconduct.
  2. Candidates may only take printed materials or manuscripts into an Examination Hall when it has previously been advertised in the Examination Timetable and when it is stated in the rubric to the question paper that such material may be used. Any student found to have such materials (this includes any revision notes) in the Exam Hall will have said materials permanently confiscated and be charged with Academic Misconduct.
  3. All candidates must sign the Examination Register when it is presented to them by the Invigilators at the commencement of each examination. Failure to sign this register will result in students being marked as absent from the exam and the candidate being given a mark of 0%.
  4. Candidate must have their Student ID card with them and placed on their desk during the exam. This will be checked by an Invigilator when you are asked to sign the Examination Register.
  5. Candidates may refer to English/native tongue dictionaries only when they have received written authorisation from their School/Department. Such written authorisation and dictionaries must be presented to an Invigilator for inspection prior to the candidate commencing the examination. Be advised that any marginal notes found in such a dictionary will be considered to be prohibited material regardless of its content. It is the responsibility of candidates to ensure that their dictionary is free from such notes.

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