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24 Apr 2018

Lords report on citizenship and civic engagement bases recommendations on Loughborough research

A House of Lords paper on citizenship and civic engagement that received contributions from numerous Loughborough academics

A House of Lords Select Committee report on citizenship and civic engagement has based recommendations about young people, discrimination, social anxiety and policy on research by Loughborough University.

The panel, which included Baroness Ruth Lister, Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at Loughborough, published its report, The Ties that Bind: Citizenship and Civic Engagement in the 21st Century, last week.

Among the 79 recommendations in the 170-page paper, which included urging the Government to stop using the term Fundamental British Values and instead use Shared Values of British Citizenship, were several specific proposals based on Loughborough’s social and cultural expertise.

From the report summary: 

“We have found much that is encouraging, showing British society engaged harmoniously together despite the waves of change that are inexorably rolling over us.

“But inevitably there are areas where we are less successful. We have tried to identify the barriers which are preventing people from feeling part of our society or contributing to it, together with the steps which must be taken to remove those barriers.”

Dr Sarah Mills (Reader in Human Geography), Dr Line Nyhagen (Reader in Sociology), Dr Michael Skey (Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies) and Dr Marco Antonsich (Senior Lecturer in Geography) were among the Loughborough researchers who provided evidence to the committee. 

To find out more about their contributions, read the full press release here