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photo of new bin system at Lboro University

19 Sep 2017

Recycle Week 25 September – 1 October

Recycle Week takes place from Monday 25 September to Sunday 1 October across the country. The theme for this year is ‘Recycling – it’s worth it’.

The aim of the campaign is to promote the benefits of recycling and encourage people to recycle more household items in their everyday lives that they might not realise can be recycled.

For example, did you know recycling just one magazine can provide enough energy to boil a kettle up to nine times? Or that recycling a canned drink can save enough power to charge 65 smartphones?

The University’s sustainability team encourages all staff to get involved, whether at work or at home.

For further advice on how to reduce waste on campus, check out the University Waste Guidance notes. You can also read a recent article, which discusses the waste hierarchy as well as further tips on how to improve your impact on the environment. 

Families still have time to get involved with the 'Home Recycling Challenge' – the competition is open for all ages to learn what can and can’t be recycled.

Simply write up a list of all the household items that can be recycled in your local area and place it somewhere everyone in the family can see, take a selfie with the list and upload it online before 25 September for the chance to win an iPad!

You can find out which materials can be recycled both at home and at your local recycling centre by visiting the Recycle Now website and entering your postcode.

Contact Nik Hunt, Environmental Manager on or 01509 228083 if you have any queries or suggestions about recycling.