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11 Sep 2017

Loughborough conference traces the experience of drawing

From 19-20 September, a two-day conference organised by the School of Arts, English and Drama will examine the experience of drawing.

The conference, Phenomenology: tracing lived experience through drawing, relates to a growing area of current research being undertaken by academics within the TRACEY Drawing and Visualisations research group.

It stems from an interest in what many practitioners and theorists acknowledge as fundamental attributes of drawing - that it is an intimate and immediate process, and a medium capable of recording the trace of the drawer’s thoughts and bodily movements.

The act of drawing is said to reduce the space between the drawer and the drawing, leaving marks on the surface regardless of erasure and subsequently creating a visible trace of both the process of making and the drawer’s thoughts.

Dr Deborah Harty, Lecturer in Fine Art and Co-director of the TRACEY school members group, said: “The conference aims to investigate and consider the role of drawing as a means to explore and trace our lived experience of the world.

“It will discuss and debate these widely accepted attributes of drawing to question whether it can be thought of as phenomenology, and how.”

For the full programme and to book your place, visit the conference website.