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poster for campaign to get students to vote

13 Nov 2017

Reminder: Information for students – Electoral Register

Loughborough University is committed to providing eligible students with the opportunity to take part in the electoral and democratic processes of the country. 

To ensure students have the option to vote locally, the University works with Charnwood Borough Council

The process is simple:

  • visit self-service
  • Click on the ‘data preferences’ tab
  • Click ‘update’ next to data usage
  • For electoral registration select either:
    • Yes – your details will be shared with Charnwood Borough Council and they will arrange for you to be added to the Electoral Register
    • No – your details will not be shared with Charnwood Borough Council and you will not be added to the Electoral Register.
    • Click 'submit'

The process only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Remember, as a student you are able to register to vote at home and at your term-time address, so wherever you are on an election day you can have your say. Please note, you can only vote once in national elections.

If you want to find out more information on the Electoral Register visit Charnwood Borough Council’s website.