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Volume magazine now available to download from IOS and Android

10 Jul 2017

New University magazine launched

The University recently launched a new online magazine - Volume.

The aptly named publication has been designed to let everyone know about what is happening at Loughborough, and is now available to download on both iOS and Android tablet devices. Volume showcases the work of our researchers, provides an insight into life at Loughborough, and allows the reader to experience everything that Loughborough has to offer, through an array of engaging stories, striking layouts, videos and photos.

The magazine has also been created to increase the University’s reach and raise the profile of our research. Staff are welcome to share the link in any communications with students and stakeholders.

The publication has been created by the Corporate Communications with colleagues in Creative and Print Services. The team involved would welcome feedback on the publication. They want it to be a publication that gives a full reflection of what Loughborough University is about. They also want it to be a publication that is shaped by colleagues from across the University. Send your comments, feedback and ideas for future editions to

To download the magazine, visit the Volume landing page.

You can also view the content in our interactive PDF