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30 Jan 2017

PhD student to give Open Source talk at London’s Benjamin Franklin House Museum

Dr Christian DeFeo, a PhD student at Loughborough’s Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering is set to present a talk at London’s prestigious Benjamin Franklin House; the world’s only remaining Franklin home.

‘Benjamin Franklin: The Founding Father of Open Source?’ asks whether Benjamin Franklin, one of the leading scientists of his day, was also the founding father of the open source movement.

It will illustrate how Dr Franklin’s collaborative, open source approach to the development of the lightning rod and Franklin stove pioneered a method of innovation which has given us everything from Linux to the products of the Maker Movement – a participatory, grassroots approach to creating products through innovative use of technology and repurposing broken or unused computer equipment. It will also explore how modern industry still has much to learn from Franklin’s methods.

The talk will take place on Tuesday 23 February. Tickets are £8 / £5.50 for friends and concessions and can be booked by calling 0207 839 2006 or emailing