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9 Sep 2016

University academics talk about theft of metal at Heritage Crime workshop

Dr Louise Grove and Dr Paul Kelly will attend a Heritage Crime workshop today to discuss the theft of metal from historic sites and buildings.

The workshop, taking place at Leicestershire Police Headquarters, is a Police initiative organised by Historic England with the aim of tackling Heritage crime.

Speaking at the event, Dr Louise Grove’s presentation, titled Hunting planets, Pokémon, and the Yorkshire Ripper: How to steal the best ideas out there and apply them to tackling heritage metal theft, aims to encourage discussion surrounding augmented reality gaming, crowdsourcing, and potential links between crime types.

She will be examining how we can harness the latest trends and technologies to effectively engage communities in the fight against heritage crime.

Academic, Dr Paul Kelly, will also be attending the event to talk about developing new methods of dealing with this type of crime. In his presentation, he will emphasise the need to bring together as many researchers as possible with different backgrounds and skills so that techniques, which might not be thought to be immediately applicable, can be assessed.

Richard Wilson, a PhD Chemistry student, will also demonstrate some of the techniques he has developed, following his appearance on the BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow Live last year.

PhD student, Alasdair Booth, School of Civil and Building Engineering, will also attend, acting as one of the table discussion leaders, utilising his experience of working for Lincolnshire Police.