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25 May 2016

River Science book released by Loughborough academics

A new research volume on ‘River Science’ has been written and edited by Professor Paul Wood from the Department of Geography.

River Science is a rapidly developing area of research which combines engineering with the natural and socio-political sciences.

The book examines and explores the benefits of healthy functioning river systems and the wide range of ecosystem goods and services they provide to society. It examines new ways of characterising contemporary rivers in order to manage them sustainably and ensure that scientists engage with the diverse range of stakeholders with an interest in rivers.  

This volume represents the outcome of research by many authors over the last 40 years. It demonstrates the integral role river science plays in understanding the functioning of natural ecosystems and how societal demands and historic changes have affected rivers.

Collaborating on the book were several Loughborough PhD graduates David Gilvear and Martin Thoms, former member of staff Malcolm Greenwood and many academics with Loughborough connections. The book was prepared in recognition of the long-term contribution to the field of ‘River Science’ by Professor Geoff Petts Vice Chancellor of the University of Westminster and the international journal ‘River Research and Applications’, which he founded in 1989 whilst an academic at Loughborough University. 

The book is available online to view and purchase.