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10 May 2016

Hanging on or bowling along? Professor John Arnold talks making the most of the second half of a career

Professor John Arnold, School of Business and Economics, is set to present his inaugural lecture on 18 May, entitled Hanging on or bowling along? Making the most of the second half of a career.

Professor Arnold's lecture will take a critical look at how research in applied psychology has revealed several aspects of mid and late careers. These include what it takes to be agile in a volatile labour market, how employing organisations can help or hinder a successful and satisfying second half of career, and how our orientations to work typically change as we age. 

The lecture will provide some pointers to individuals about how to ‘health check’ their own career around the mid-life stage, and to managers about how to design organisations which make the most of an ageing workforce.  

The lecture will take place at 5pm at the Loughborough Design School, Lecture Theatre LDS.0.17.

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