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15 Mar 2016

REMINDER: Staff Mail Archive Service coming to an end – action required from staff

IT Services will be decommissioning the legacy “Staff Mail Archive” on Friday 1st April 2016, as agreed with the IT Portfolio Board. This service has been replaced by the new “Shared Mailbox” service which was launched last year.

Important: Action required before 1st April 2016

We require your assistance to migrate your emails, and those you have responsibility for, from the legacy “Staff Mail Archive” service, copying out any information that you need to keep before the service is terminated on the 1st April. After this date access to the “Staff Mail Archive” will be removed.

  1. Staff should copy their information out of the archive and into their own mailboxes as they should now have sufficient quota to store this information. Details on how to “Self Migrate” can be found here
  2. Request a “Shared Mailbox” from IT Services and move their institutional data this new mailbox. You can request the creation of a new Shared Mailbox via the IT Services Service Catalog: on the left click on “Service Catalog” – “Request Application Infrastructure” – “New Shared Mailbox”. Further information can be found here.
  3. Once you are happy you have copied all your information from the “Staff Mail Archive” please disconnect from it by following these instructions (external link). We will be contacting active users in the future and will attempt to remove people from the email list who are no longer connecting to the “Staff Mail Archive”. As such if you disconnect from the “Staff Mail Archive” we will hopefully not contact you again.

Further information can be found on our Staff Mail Archive web page.

Information on the Shared Mailbox service can be found here.