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24 Mar 2016

It’s better OFF at Easter

In 2015, the University consumed around £24,000 worth of electricity in 5 days over the Easter break.

In 2016 we are looking to reduce this consumption by 4%, saving £950.

Before you leave the office for your Easter break, please ensure you do the following:

  • Shut down all your PC’s and Laptops and docking stations
  • Switch off all your monitors
  • Switch off all your printers (MFD’s must remain on to prevent network failure, but they do power down on their own)
  • Switch off all lights
  • Switch off any heaters, air con units and extract fans
  • Switch off any research equipment that doesn't need to be on over the break
  • Where possible consolidate experiments into the minimal number of ovens, fume cupboards, fridges etc.
  • Set any timers on lights and equipment to stay off for the break
  • Unplug transformers, phone and laptop chargers
  • Close windows around the building, maintain building heat and increase security

Please do not switch off equipment that is in use for vital experiments, research or local fridges and freezers.

If you would like more information, click here and check out the sustainability newsletter in ‘What’s New’.