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14 Mar 2016

Bastard Gates restoration underway

Campus landmark, the Bastard Gates, is undergoing restoration to repair some age related damage that has occurred to the arch.

Part of the stone emblem has detached from the gates with the supporting walls also displaying signs of deterioration. The gates are located near the Student’s Union and act as an alternative entrance to campus from Ashby Road.

Originally the main entrance to the Playing Field site, the gates were named after William Bastard, Chairman of the College Governors, and were officially opened in 1934.

The Bastard Gates lie within the Ashby Road Conservation Area and are identified as being a ‘Prominent Local Building’ in the Ashby Road Conservation Area Appraisal, consequently any works need to be carefully planned in consultation with the Borough Council.

Whilst survey and restoration work takes place, the main gates will be closed and barriers put in place to ensure that the area is safe for staff, students and members of the public. The small pedestrian gate will, however, remain open as far as possible to allow access from Ashby Road.