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14 Jan 2016

Professor Steven Kenny presents his inaugural lecture

Professor Steven Kenny is set to deliver his inaugural lecture, titled Atomic scale design: Using computational modelling to develop materials for energy applications, on 20 January.

The security of energy supply and reduction of CO2 emissions is a grand, worldwide challenge. Materials issues underpin all areas of energy generation, demand reduction and storage, and in many cases, limit the ability to meet this challenge.

The materials issues range from the need to design new materials systems, which deliver the required properties in increasingly challenging and harsh environments, to optimising methods of manufacturing and producing materials to improve their performance.

Professor Kenny’s lecture will use examples from own his research to explore the insights that can be gained through atomistic modelling of materials.

Real-world examples will be taken from simulations of materials for photovoltaic devices, demand reduction glazing and materials for nuclear fission and fusion applications.

The lecture will take place in the Wolfson Building at 5pm, with light refreshments of tea, coffee and cakes served from 4.30pm.

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