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18 Apr 2016

Developments to University systems have a positive impact for students

Throughout the past year, the University has made some significant improvements to student systems which have had a notable impact on current students, prospective students and staff.

Last academic year, the University implemented a project to improve the way students view their results. The project involved improvements to the overall look of the results page and the introduction of an additional support facility. Since the changes, staff have reported a noticeable decrease in queries regarding results.

In July, the annual upgrade of Learn implemented a new optimised system that makes it compatible with mobile and tablet devices. This allows Learn to adapt to different screen sizes without distortion (click on “Theme 3” when in Learn). The upgrade also included the development of other features such as a menu bar, text editor and several new question types which have been added to the Quiz activity.

The University has also taken steps to move away from paper-based processes with the implementation of Electronic Admissions Systems and eConfirmation for prospective students applying to University. The new system has resulted in time savings for staff and a much faster response time to applicant queries.

Other improvements that are in the initial stages of development include an online platform for students to select their module choices and an online dissertation allocation system.