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30 Nov 2015

Your Education Week 2015

Your Education Week, 30 November – 4 December, offers students the opportunity to have their say and find out what is being done to enhance academic experience at Loughborough.

Throughout Your Education Week, Programme Reps, Presidents and VP Education, Kailey Hazeldene, will be on tour across campus asking students to fill out a postcard and answer a few simple questions. The information collected will be used to make a positive difference to the student academic experience.  

The week is also a great opportunity to find out what student Programme Reps, Presidents and the VP Education have been doing to make the academic experience as good as it can be. To find out what they’ve been working on, students are encouraged to ask questions and to look out for blogs being released on Tuesday 1 December.

VP Education, Kailey, will be providing an update on the 10 education priorities and students are invited to attend the Academic Summit or Postgraduate Question Time and pose any questions to the University and SU. 

This year, as part of Your Education Week, the SU is also running a competition for Reps to create a blog, vlog or song which shares their experiences. The competition, titled The Rep Tales, is a chance for Reps to shout about the great things that they are doing to enhance education across campus. 

On Tuesday 1 December, links to entries will be released, with a winner to be announced on Friday 4 December. The winner will be decided by a judging panel including Director of Marketing & Advancement for Loughborough University, Emma Leech.

To find out more, please contact Kailey Hazeldene E: