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26 Nov 2015

VC and Professor Rice join peer-assisted learning session

Peer Assisted Learning

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Bob Allison, and Professor Stephen Rice from the Department of Geography joined first year Geography students and their Peer Assisted Learning Facilitators (PALFs) this week for an informal study session based on one of the students' modules – Earth System Science.

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) is relatively new to Loughborough and is part of the Peer Support project, which aims to encourage student-led support between year groups in academic departments across the University. It recognises that students are particularly well positioned to support other students, and in doing so are able to gain invaluable experience that can contribute to their employability. PAL is supported by Loughborough Students’ Union and provides undergraduates with additional study groups led by trained students – PALFs – who are in the year above on their course.

The Geography PAL started this semester and has been really well received by the students. The Vice Chancellor and Professor Rice were asked to join the recent study group to see first-hand how students are able to discuss topics and test their knowledge and ideas in a friendly student-led environment.

The Geography PAL will now build on the momentum from the session attended by the VC and Professor Rice, with additional sessions scheduled over the coming weeks leading up to the first year students’ exams.

The PAL Student Coordinator, Rob Forster, said: “Having the VC and Professor Rice facilitate the session was a fantastic experience for the first year students. Not only were they able to improve their knowledge in a more informal environment than the lecture theatre, they could also interact with the two professors on a personal level, gaining an insight into their achievements and experience.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Peer Assisted Learning and how it could work for your School, Department or programme, contact the Peer Support Coordinator, Samantha Davis.

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