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2 Mar 2015

Enforcement of traffic and parking regulations on campus

The University has begun a campaign to enforce the traffic and parking regulations on campus. This is being undertaken to reduce the number of speeding vehicles on campus and to address inconsiderate and obstructive parking at the University.

Speed limit

The speed limit on all University roads is 15 mph. All users of the University campus must adhere to this speed limit.

There are new signs at each of the vehicular entrances to campus to warn that there are now speed cameras in operation across the University. These cameras will be used to monitor the speed of both vehicles and bicycles.

Car parking

All vehicles should only be parked in designated car parks and within marked bays on the campus.

Enforcement penalties

Anyone who is caught travelling in excess of the speed limit on campus or parking outside a designated space will receive one penalty point.

Anyone who accrues a total of three penalty points for speeding and/or parking offences will be banned from bringing a vehicle on to the University campus.

Any vehicle or cycle caught travelling in excess of 30 mph on the University roads will be immediately banned from the University campus.

Further information on the traffic and parking regulations for the campus are available in Ordinance XXIII and on the Security website.

Please ensure that you read and understand these regulations.