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25 Jun 2015

Loughborough awarded Alcohol Impact accreditation

Loughborough University and Loughborough Students’ Union have been awarded an Alcohol Impact mark of accreditation from The National Union of Students (NUS).

The Alcohol Impact scheme, funded by the Home Office during its pilot year, aims to create a positive culture of responsible drinking and helps students’ unions and universities to promote responsible behaviour on campuses and in communities and improve the health and wellbeing of students.

To attain the accreditation, students’ unions work in partnership with institutions to challenge negative drinking cultures on campus by working through a list of criteria. They are then audited and if successful, are awarded the accreditation mark to signal their commitment to encouraging a healthier, more inclusive campus experience.

Alcohol Impact has reached just under 100,000 students and engaged with 116 sports clubs and societies, resulting in fantastic local results including:

  • Alcohol free focused events doubling during the autumn term, from 50 to 100 with over 1,000 students participating
  • A 40 percent decrease in students being excluded from venues on campus due to irresponsible drinking
  • A decrease in welfare incidents in halls of residence
  • 76 students developing specific campaigns work on responsible alcohol consumption as part of their academic coursework

Due the success of the scheme, Alcohol Impact will be rolled out across the UK and open to all universities and students’ unions to take part in.

Successful unions and institutions were formally accredited at the Home Office on Tuesday 23 June.