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30 Jun 2015

Future Leaders Programme

In July 2014, twelve senior managers applied and were selected to take part in the first ever Future Leaders Programme.

The Future Leaders Programme gives participants the opportunity to set up ‘learning conversations’ with key individuals who they have identified to deepen their understanding of leadership and expand their networks.

The programme has been successful in enabling people to work with each other across Schools and Professional Services in a way that they do not normally have the opportunity to. It consists of four full day workshops and three coaching sessions throughout the academic year.

As part of the programme, participants were tasked in groups to look at two different strategic challenges, feeding back their findings and recommendations to the senior team on the 10 July.

They had the opportunity to relay their comments to the Academic Leadership Team about the HR Strategy and in particular, the work that is being done with Performance and Development Reviews. The programme encouraged participants to think about how they influence strategic decisions that are taken by the senior leaders.

Participants found the 1-1 coaching valuable, with many opting to continue with coaching or mentoring in some form as part of their future development.

If you are interested in being part of the programme next year, information will be posted to the noticeboard September start.

The selection process has changed for 2015 and recruitment starts on the 10 July.