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19 Feb 2015

Prohibited parking along Rutland Way

We are aware that a number of vehicles are being parked on the roadside of Rutland Way, to the rear of Hazlerigg and Rutland buildings. As well as being in contravention of the University’s Traffic and Parking Code and Ordinance XXIII (Traffic and Parking in the University), these vehicles are obstructing access for the emergency services.

If emergency vehicles are prevented from driving easily along any of the University’s roads, their response times to incidents are likely to increase, and staff and students could be at greater risk as a result.

Can we please remind all staff and students again that vehicles should only be parked in designated car parks and within marked bays on the campus. Anyone who breaches Ordinance XXIII or the Traffic and Parking Code may be subject to possible exclusion of vehicular access to Campus and/or disciplinary action.